About Us

WeUseWP is a community of WordPress developers. Our website is crowded with people who use or intend to use WordPress as content management system to build their dream websites.

WordPress is used by 41.4% of the top 10 million websites as of May 2021. This large number demands large support. Here comes WeUseWP. It’s really easy to install WordPress and make a website. But if you want to add custom functionality to it, then it really becomes a challenge. Because you will need custom code or advice and you will need to be careful of using third-party plugins. WeUseWP can guide you in those cases.

Here you will find tutorials written by experienced and expert WordPress developers from all over the world.


Morshed Alam

WeUseWP was founded by Morshed Alam. He was an undergraduate student at Jahangirnagar University while he was learning the basics of PHP. He discovered WordPress and soon became interested in it. He decided to use WordPress for all of his client websites. In 2018, he launched WeUseWP to help WordPress users near and far.


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